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Pleurotomariidae, BAY - MIK
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bay - mik (30)
per - per (54)
ple (89)
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LotItemSizeDescription CurrentSeller
#0002026080 Bayerotrochus africanus - big size102.6 by 101.8 mmMadagascar900,00 €Rum2zer
#0001821314 Bayerotrochus africanus 95 diam mmMorondava, W.Madagascar60,00 €gigi
#0001980498 Bayerotrochus philpoppei - "ULTRA SPECIAL"68 X 52 mmBalut, Mindanao Philippines1000,00 €tonyshells
#0002034056 Bayerotrochus quiquandoni - Recently discover57 x 68 mmBalut island1000,00 €yvad
#0002015493 Bayerotrochus teramachii - Giant!129.1 mmEast China Sea9,00 €wulovef
#0002016961 Bayerotrochus teramachii - Growth sets!126.5-71.2 mmEast China Sea55,00 €Whot
#0002015489 Bayerotrochus teramachii - Dark Color!118.9 mmEast China Sea69,00 €wulovef
#0002015480 Bayerotrochus teramachii - Freak pattern!111.1 mmEast China Sea11,00 €wulovef
#0002015486 Bayerotrochus teramachii - Dark Color!109.2 mmEast China Sea45,00 €wulovef
#0002020199 Bayerotrochus teramachii - Unique pattern!94.4 mmEast China Sea5,00 €Whot
#0002015491 Bayerotrochus teramachii - High tower!93.4 mmEast China Sea24,00 €wulovef
#0002015484 Bayerotrochus teramachii - Dark Color!71 mmEast China Sea39,00 €wulovef
#0001576334 Bayerotrochus teremachii 105 mm; w/oEast China Sea10,00 €ALGOABAY
#0001897929 Bayerotrochus westralis 89 mm; w/oRowley Shoals, Australia22,00 €ALGOABAY
#0002012926 Entemnotrochus rumphii - HUGE SPECIMEN!!171 mm; w/oEast China Sea950,00 €Frankiesc
#0001777714 Entemnotrochus rumphii - RARE !!155 mm; w/oTao Yu Tai, Taiwan890,00 €ALGOABAY
#0002024742 Entemnotrochus rumphii - nice color107,0 mmEast China Sea120,00 €Mandy 592
#0001991506 Entemnotrochus rumphii 89.1 mmEast China Sea120,00 €shellking1960
#0001961295 Entemnotrochus rumphii 75.4 mmEast China Sea35,00 €Whot
#0002005047 Entemnotrochus rumphii 58 mmEast China Sea20,00 €wulovef
#0001961480 Entemnotrochus rumphii 30 mmEast China Sea8,00 €Whot
#0002033013 Mikadotrochus anseeuwi - big size94 x 95 mm; w/oBALUT ISLAND900,00 €yvad
#0002011825 Mikadotrochus anseeuwi - GEM & STUNNING!!54 mm; w/oPhilippines194,00 €Frankiesc
#0002015445 Mikadotrochus hirasei - High tower!90.5*93.5 mmEast China Sea32,00 €wulovef
#0002015444 Mikadotrochus hirasei - High tower!88.3*89.2 mmEast China Sea32,00 €wulovef
#0001690801 Mikadotrochus hirasei - DWARF36.5 mmEast China Sea25,00 €gigi
#0001690806 Mikadotrochus hirasei - DWARF32.3 mmEast China Sea25,00 €gigi
#0001877258 Mikadotrochus salmianus 94 mm; w/oNE Taiwan near diaoyu island170,00 €wang huifen
#0001245383 Mikadotrochus salmianus - .Rare !86 mmOff Taiwan490,00 €ALGOABAY
#0002005671 Mikadotrochus salmianus 72.3x75.6 mmJapan120,00 €shellbay


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