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Cassidae, CAS - ECH
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cas - ech (68)
gal - sco (68)
sem - sem (65)
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LotItemSizeDescription CurrentSeller
36.6 mm, Brazil Mar*a*Mar
47 mm, Mirawa, Japan RH_shells
41.5 mm, Banacon Island Bohol MARIZ
59.2 mm, poro, island roshells
55.6 mm, olango island roshells
71 mm, olango island roshells
45 mm, Olango island RABRAB
63.5 mm, Talicud island, Samal MARIZ
42-44 mm, Samar, Philippines ALGOABAY
51.0 mm, Southern-East Madagascar, Evatra Shell
56 mm, Middleton Reef, Coral Sea RH_shells
47.6 mm, Hawaii Doug Thorn
45 mm, Middleton Reef, Coral Sea RH_shells
33.98 mm, Keelakarai ( Tamil Nadu ), India moses
37 mm, Banacon Island Bohol MARIZ
39.8 mm, Swains Reef,Qld.Australia percy
40.75 mm, Caddalore, Tamil Nadu, India moses
31.5 mm, Boosaaso Aden Somaliland discus
35,3 mm, Panjang island Explorer
36.6 mm, South Yemen, Aden. Shell
41 mm, ; w/oolango island roshells
33,2 mm, Panjang island Explorer
35,7 mm, Panjang island Explorer
33 mm, Philippines RH_shells
72.5 mm, East China Sea, shelllover
80 mm, East China sea shelllover
60,7 mm, Acicastello, Catania, Italy
65,8 mm, Acitrezza, Catania, Italy
66,7 mm, ; w/oBay of Chiqui, W.Panama
21 mm, Cebu, Philippines ALGOABAY
26,5 mm, Philippines Knut
22 mm, Philippines Knut
26 mm, Philippines Knut
130 mm, Fiji Is., Viti Levu[R]
33 mm, Olango island,Cebu,Philippines edspalshells
86,6 mm, ; w/oAustralia cymatium
101,4 mm, ; w/oEdithburgh, W. Australia
91.2 mm, Rep. Dominicana latiaxis
102.5 mm, Bahamas Doug Thorn
297 mm, Florida Andrey
37,7-39,5 mm, Australia cymatium
35,5 mm, Capricorn Channel Queensland AUS[R]
21.4 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
210 mm, Abidjan, Costa d'Avorio gigi
56.1 mm, port gentil gabon limbata
67.5 mm, almadies dakar limbata
225 mm, ; w/oBrasil Andrey
182 mm, ; w/oNatal-Rio Grande do Norte-Brasil donax seashells
200 mm, Haïti Knut
150 mm, Haïti Knut
173 mm, ; w/oNatal - Rio G. do Norte - Brasil donax seashells
205 mm, Haïti Knut
69.6 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
69.46 mm, CEBACO PANAMA discus
180 mm, Philippines cymatium
132,4 mm, Tanzania cymatium
156 mm, Tulear, Madagascar guajiru
172 mm, Tulear , Madagascar latiaxis
180 mm, Tulear , Madagascar latiaxis
51 mm, Senegal RH_shells
31.9 mm, Cape Verde Islands, São Vicente. Shell
54 mm, port gentil gabon limbata
44 mm, Assinie, Ivory Coast bmshells
54.2 mm, São Tomé and Príncipe, São Tomé. Shell
30.8 mm, Cape Verde Islands, Santiago. Shell
88.7 mm, Red Sea Doug Thorn
95.4 mm, Rowley Shoals, WA amorashells
85.5 mm, East China sea shelllover
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