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Volutidae, AMO
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LotItemSizeDescription CurrentSeller
33.1 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
29.4 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
48.31 mm, Elusive Reef,G.B.R.Qld.Australia percy
48.8 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
46.68 mm, Elusive Reef,G.B.R.Qld.Australia percy
46.5 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
46.8 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
45.59 mm, Reef 21-281,GBR.QLD.Australia percy
43.5 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
42.8 mm, Sandy Cape,South Qld.Australia. percy
42.0 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
39.1 mm, Lady Musgrave Is.,Qld.Australia. percy
38,5 mm, australia etabeta
38.1 mm, Lady Musgrave Is.,Qld.Australia. percy
37.7 mm, Lady Musgrave Is.,Qld.Australia. percy
37.8 mm, Lady Musgrave Is.,Qld.Australia. percy
48.2 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
49.9 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
49.2 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
58.74 mm, Elusive Reef discus
57.4 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
56 mm, Queensland zyf
56.4 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
55.5 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
54,5 mm, Keppel bay australia etabeta
54.5 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
52.0 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
49.50 mm, Reef 21-281,GBR.QLD.Australia percy
50.9 mm, Queensland.Australia. percy
50.9 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
51.3 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
51 mm, Sandy Cape SQ. Australia aulicus
51 mm, Queensland, Sandy Cape
54.8 mm, Australia[R] Zaour
47 mm, Queensland zyf
84.7 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
86.5 mm, Australia JES
86.4 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
88,8 mm, North West Australia 2019 George
89.20 mm, Off Port Hedland N.W. Australia aulicus
91.9 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
101.3 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
116.1 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
68.6 mm, Rosemary Is Nth west Australia bluewater
69.7 mm, Rosemary Is Nth west Australia bluewater
77.6 mm, Malus Is NW Australia bluewater
85.3 mm, Dolphin Is NW Australia bluewater
89.8 mm, Dolphin Is NW Australia bluewater
89.5 mm, Enderby Is NW Australia bluewater
93.6 mm, Delambre Is NW Australia bluewater
102,32 mm, Australia jeangeralddupau
101.7 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
84.8 mm, Australia Doug Thorn
77.3 mm, Broome Keppel Bay
83,3 mm, Broome, W. Australia[R]
96.88 mm, Tual Island, Arafura Sea steven062
73.1 mm, N.W.Australia percy
74.26 mm, Broome,N.W Australia percy
74.59 mm, Broome,N.W Australia percy
78.7 mm, N.W.Australia percy
83.4 mm, Broome,N.W Australia percy
83.5 mm, Broome,N.W Australia percy
83.8 mm, N.W.Australia percy
84.9 mm, Broome,N.W Australia percy
84.21 mm, Broome,N.W Australia percy
87.3 mm, Broome,N.W Australia percy
89.8 mm, Broome,N.W Australia percy
94.4 mm, N.W.Australia percy
99.6 mm, N.W.Australia percy
78.08 mm, N.W.Australia percy
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